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Summer Bridges

What is the Summer Bridges Program?

Mullen is excited to offer our incoming students the opportunity to participate in the Summer Bridge Program on campus during the summer of 2024.

We strive to build a community that will create opportunities for students to meet new people, build relationships, and advance their academic prowess before entering their first year a Mullen.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Summer Bridge Course Offerings

Math Enrichment
June 3 to June 14 - 9:00 am - 10:00 am

This summer enrichment session is designed to allow the participants to review and reinforce the major concepts of the Algebra 1 Curriculum. These skills are necessary for success in all math courses succeed Algebra I at Mullen High School. Students will review simplifying algebraic expressions (including powers and exponents, absolute value, rational and radical expressions), solving equations (linear, absolute value, quadratic, and radical), and solving linear inequalities and systems of linear equations. In addition, students will review graphing and writing equations for linear, absolute value, and quadratic functions, as well as evaluate and write equations for exponential growth and decay functions.

* On the last day of the 2-week session students will have an option/opportunity to re-test for placement in honors Algebra 1, or Geometry.
Jumpstart to Science
July 22 to August 2 - 8:00 am - 9:00 am

This summer enrichment session is a course designed to preview the scientific skills to be used throughout your 4 years at Mullen High School. Students will learn and practice the order of operations, math operations on powers of 10, and conversion between scientific and standard notation. Students will be exposed to the metric system, prefix notation, and unit conversion. Students will learn about significant figures, precision, and accuracy. In addition, students will work with scientific formulas and analyze graphs and data tables. Take this class to get a jumpstart on your science classes and prepare for your freshman year at Mullen!
“In The Beginning”
Theology Introduction Course
July 22 to August 2 - 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

“In The Beginning” is the first word in the Bible. This course is designed for students who are at their beginning with Roman Catholic Studies. Open to students of all faith backgrounds, this course is a welcoming opportunity for incoming freshmen to learn the basics of Catholicism. The teacher will facilitate group discussions, review theological concepts at an introductory level, and teach skills (such as navigating scripture) that will benefit students during their religious studies at Mullen. 

New Student Success Strategies
July 22 to August 2 - 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Students will be introduced to Mullen calendars, expectations, technology, and apps. In addition, they will engage in this quick workshop to learn about themselves as students (readers, test takers, 研究 habits), while becoming familiar with their learning styles, personality traits, and self-advocacy skills. The goal of this two-week course is to empower students to learn how they learn, 研究, 和测试, and to develop strong success strategies to use as new students and throughout their time as Mullen students.
Jumpstart to Math
July 22 to August 2 - 9:00 am - 10:00 am

This summer enrichment session is designed to allow the participants to review those concepts from Pre-Algebra that will give them a “jump start” into Algebra 1 as well as preview Algebra 1 topics. The topics students will review, and preview will include simplifying algebraic expressions (order of operations, distributive property, powers and exponents, and rational expressions), solving linear equations and inequalities, introduction to functional relationships, and graphing linear equations using slope and patterns.

Verso L’Alto - To The Heights!
Theology Enrichment Course
July 22 to August 2 - 10:00 am - 11:00 am

In the words of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, the “To The Heights!” Summer Theology Enrichment course is designed for just that…to explore truth and faith on a deeper level. From Saints to Scripture, students will closely examine Roman Catholic teaching and apply it to their life at Mullen. The teacher will facilitate group discussions about faith and introduce meaningful texts. This course is best fit for students who feel confident about their knowledge of the Roman Catholic faith and wish to enrich their studies.
Intro to Spanish
July 22 to August 2 - 11:00 am - 12:00pm

Our Introduction to Spanish session offers incoming 9th graders an introduction to the language, 文化, and essentials for communication and is designed for students who have never taken Spanish before. Engage in interactive lessons, cultural activities, and fun exercises to kickstart your Spanish journey. 

De La Salle Support:
De La Salle Summer Academy
July 22 to August 2 starting at 8:30 am

All students enrolled in freshman DLS classes are invited to attend the DLS Summer Academy. These sessions are designed to aid in the transition into their freshman year of high school. Summer Academy consists of a review session for English and Math as well as a 研究 skills session.  Students enrolled in the De La Salle program are invited to  “Solid Grounds” for theological studies at Mullen. The teacher will prepare students by reviewing important foundational skills and frontloading information that they will encounter during their four years of theology classes. Through direct instruction and group work, students will examine scripture, familiarize themselves with the meaning behind concepts, and explore the faith. 

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  • Tradition of Excellence

    Since 1931, Mullen High School has provided students with a sound college preparatory education in nurturing surroundings.  We extend this spirit and dedication to our Summer Bridges Academy. 
  • Persona莉斯ed Programs

    No two children are alike. Each comes to us with many interests and talents. He or she may excel in one area yet need to develop skills in another. Our summer programs offer diverse academics and workshops to satisfy each young person’s interests, 激情, 和目标. Our classes are small, averaging 12 students, and the variety of offerings allows them to stay on campus for an hour, part of the day, or an entire day.
  • Dedicated Teachers

    Our teachers are selected for their creativity, enthusiasm, and dedication. They know how to work with children to bring out their best. 

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